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Welcome to the home of the Crimson Striders

Greetings everyone!

With our transfer to the new server over, I hope that everyone had a smooth transition and hope to pick up where we left off!

That being said, the Crimson Striders is a transplant guild from Estrael.  We moved to Faeblight on January 12th with the announcement of Estrael being turned into a trial server.  We hope that Faeblight will prove to be as good a home as our previous shard was.

Guild News

Crimson Striders Turn Drowned Halls into Desert

_Stromgren_, Jan 7, 12 5:41 PM.
On Saturday, January 7th, 2012, the Crimson Striders, with the aid of two members of the Legionnaires, Ambig and Orlog, entered the Drowned Halls to lay waste to its denizens.  After an hour and a half of our first time inside, the Striders emerged victorious.  An incredibly awesome job by everyone that went, making our first step into 10 man raiding an amazing success.

Main Tank:  Denra
Offtank/DPS: Hatholdor
Healer 1: Tarul
Healer 2: Ambig
Healer 3: Stromgren
Support: Aerevelia
DPS 1: Lalaithe
DPS 2: Heihachi
DPS 3: Torontomike
DPS 4: Orlog

Again, everyone that came out, a big thank you for the fantastic effort and preparedness of our first raid.  It went very smoothly and I look forward to conquering more things in the future. 

The Crimson Striders:  Never Give Up, Never Surrender.

Crimson Striders Denounce Baron of Stillmoor

_Stromgren_, Dec 12, 11 7:23 PM.
On Saturday, December 10, 2011, the Crimson Striders got information about Baron Krevik preparing an assault on Zareph's Return.  Of course, we couldn't allow that to happen, so after our guild meeting, eight of the heroic Striders took it upon themselves to put him in his place.  Undeterred by the so called need for 15 well-geared people needed to put him down, the Striders walked boldly in and buried the Baron.  Thanks go out to our members that helped make the "Baron It All" Achievement possible for some of our guildies:


Guild First Clear of Master Darkening Deeps

_Stromgren_, Oct 22, 11 8:59 PM.
On October 22, 2011, the Crimson Striders bested Master mode: Darkening Deeps.  We look forward to conquering this dungeon on a weekly basis now.  :)  Screenshots of the accomplishment are available in the gallery. 

Healer  Tarul
Support  Stromgren
Melee DPS
Ranged DPS
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